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Work Place Accident - Workers' Compensation Act

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the workers' compensation attorneys at Strokoff & Cowden, P.C. represent injured workers throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in state workers' compensation claims.

Our workers' compensation practice is statewide, with a concentration in the Harrisburg and central Pennsylvania region, and we receive referrals from attorneys and past clients from throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We earn our reputation for excellence with every client.

Experienced Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers' compensation (sometimes referred to as "workmans' compensation", "employment compensation", or "workers' comp") provides workers with compensation when they are injured at work, while performing work offsite, or while engaged in a work-related activity.

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act provides you with compensation for wage loss and medical expenses if you sustained a work related injury or illness. The laws are complex, can be involved and time consuming. You want experienced representation in handling your claim.

Our attorneys have been representing clients in workers' compensation claims since 1974. Work-related injuries can be anything, but most commonly include the following:

  • Broken bones or amputation from operating industrial machinery
  • Illness from chemical exposure, including industrial cleaners
  • Illness from toxic exposure, including black lung from coal mining
  • Injury from falling objects
  • Injuries from falls
  • Blindness or loss of hearing
  • Car, truck, or other motor vehicle accidents while performing a work-related job or function
  • Repetitive stress injury, including carpal tunnel syndrome, knee, and back injury

We can help you get the compensation you deserve, including making sure your injuries are properly classified. We also can help you determine if a lump sum settlement would be in your best interest, and if so, utilize our negotiation skills on your behalf.

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Strokoff & Cowden has been providing experienced representation for employees suffering from work-related injury or illness throughout Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with a skilled workers' compensation attorney to discuss your state workers' compensation issues by calling us at 717-695-8809, e-mailing us, or filling out our intake form on our Contact Us page. Our service and our experience separate us from other law firms.

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