Employment Disputes

Employment disputes arise in a number of ways. There may be allegations of workplace retaliation or that an employee lost their job because of wrongful termination. Sometimes differences arise due to wage and overtime pay disputes. There are also instances where claims arise because of challenges regarding payment of unemployment compensation. From the perspective of employers, such disputes can greatly hamper business operations. For employees, disputes can lead to unsatisfactory work conditions and even loss of their job.

Having provided employment law representation for over 40 years, the attorneys at Strokoff & Cowden, P.C., understand how to quickly and efficiently resolve employment law disputes. Having provided representation to employers and employees in such disputes, we can anticipate the strategy opposing counsel will take.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Our primary focus at Strokoff & Cowden, P.C., concern employment law and labor law issues. A large part of our practice relates to the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements on behalf of labor unions and businesses.

We aim to resolve employment disputes outside of the courtroom. However, we are unafraid to take on the most challenging claims while litigating your case in court when necessary. Our lawyers also know how to argue such matters in administrative hearings and during court appeals.

The Kinds Of Employment Dispute Representation We Provide

Strokoff & Cowden, P.C., handles a wide variety of employment dispute cases including:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Race, age and gender discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment allegations
  • Whistleblower and retaliation claims
  • Unemployment compensation concerns
  • Wrongful termination
  • Collective bargaining disputes
  • Employment agreement violations
  • Noncompete agreement enforceability
  • Wrongful termination

Our lawyers have been representing employers, employees, laborers, executives and CEOs in these disputes since 1974. As a small law firm, we provide personalized representation to every client. Due to our experience, we also have the resources and skills to take on complicated claims involving large companies.

Learn More About The Services We Provide

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