Wage & Hours Laws

Our attorneys have been providing employment law representation since the 1970s. As Strokoff & Cowden, P.C., represents primarily employees in these matters, we understand every facet of employment law and the approach opposing counsel will take when it comes to wage and hour claims.

We provide representation regarding payment and collection law, lost wages, unpaid wages, the failure to pay minimum wage, workers’ hour disputes, and unpaid overtime matters.

Representation Of Workers Involved In Wage Disputes

Workers have the right to fair treatment at work when it comes to wages and overtime pay. Employers need to comply with the law. Federal and Pennsylvania law provide you with a number of protections.

At Strokoff & Cowden, P.C., we represent employees and unions regarding a large number of labor law concerns. We hold employers accountable when violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other wage and hour law violations occur.

We are a small firm that provides everyone we represent personalized representation. Our lawyers also have the resources, knowledge and skill to take on companies in the most challenging of wage and hour claims.

Advice And Guidance For Employers Regarding Wage And Hour Matters

Having provided employment law representation for as long as we have, we understand the sorts of employment practices that result in employers facing wage and hour claims. When representing you, we work to quickly resolve employment-related disputes. We know how to respond to allegations of wage and hour violations, and we understand the kinds of defenses your business can use.

Besides being prepared to defend your interests in court, we know how to resolve wage and hour disputes through negotiation. We can also review and prepare wage and hour agreements to prevent disputes from arising to begin with.

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Please contact Strokoff & Cowden, P.C., to speak to an experienced attorney regarding your wage and hour matter by calling 717-695-8809. We will listen to your concerns and provide you with a straightforward assessment regarding your likely outcome for success. Our office is located one block from the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.